Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing helps in growing one’s business faster and helps create brand identity in the digital world. Social media marketing sector is growing rapidly. Connecting & engaging with your customers and leads on social media can help you build stronger customer relationships.

Social Media Marketing Services for small businesses
Social media marketing platforms.

SMM sector is growing at a fast pace today, with billions of people using social media across the globe. Some statistics show Facebook with 1.59 billion daily active users, average 2.41 billion monthly active users; more than 2.1 billion people use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger every day on an average.

This statistics comes with a lot opportunity in social media to engage with the user and create a brand identity on social media, this can help you take your business to the next level.

Every business must take advantage of Social Media Marketing and our expert services at Flamingodigi– a social media agency in Delhi that specialises in SMM services for small businesses.

Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing

The best part of Facebook is the fact that there are billions of users across the globe, who use facebook extensively, accessing it at least twice a day! Therefore the best way to reach your customers easily is by mastering facebook advertising. Access to target/potential audience is a major benefit of Facebook marketing.

Instagram Marketing Services

Instagram Marketing

Flamingodigi assures to provide you with an organic reach and engagement, along with paid promotion of your business on Instagram with some absolutely stunning Creative images. You could use pictures/snaps of your products, services or team members and we could help you with the content for instagram marketing. Currently, instagram promotion in India is the trend setter!

Youtube Marketing Services

Youtube Marketing

Promoting your business on Youtube is another great way of boosting your reach in the most creative manner! This platform helps you connect specifically with the audience that is interested in your content and has proven to be the most effective way of online strategic promotion.

LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn Marketing

If you have a profile on LinkedIn, we could help you promote your business here. This is a great platform to find contacts who are interested in the industry that you are working in. We could help you make sure that the information that you are giving out is pertinent and that the viewers will want to read it.

Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter Marketing

Another major platform where you need to ensure that you are promoting your business is on twitter. This is where you can easily share your links and short bursts of information with your readers. Ensure that you are using this platform to get the information out that is required and yet again, our expertise lies here if need be.

Pinterest Marekting Services

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is one platform that is highly underestimated by most advertisers, but if used wisely, it could generate major leads for any organisation. We could easily help you with images and quotes that you could pin to show your customers as your sample work. This becomes a great way to showcase more about your Company.


Social Media Audit


Social Media Audit includes a number of steps that optimizes the organization’s profile on social media for optimum results. Regular social media audits can help an organization to lead in terms of online presence. Social Media Audits are required to ensure the highest level of online presence of your organization. Social media audits are certainly very involved, but completing one can make sure branding is consistent and online marketing is effective.

Build your Audience


Creating social media pages is not enough to build an online presence. The purpose of social media optimization is to help build an audience base for the organization on the social media platform. While building an audience for your social media pages, you need a social media marketing agency to plan out and chart strategies on an expert level. Flamingodigi helps you create awareness and build traffic on your social media handles hassle free. 

Engage With Customer


Once the customers or the audience are found and the traffic is diverted to your social media pages, you need to convert the majority of this traffic into active leads for your organization. This would be possible only if your customers positively and effectively react to your products. Here, what, when and how we communicate are important points to be taken into consideration. This can be managed efficiently by our Social Media Marketing experts at Flamingodigi.

Socail Media Advertising


Social Media is also an active platform that can be used to Advertise and Promote your service offerings. Our Experts will not only help you create advertisements for social media platforms but also help you use it to gather audience and convert them into active leads.