Importance of backlinks in 2020



It is basically a link which is given by a website to another website. They are also popularly known as incoming links. The Importance of Backlinks lies in the fact that   it sends a signal to google and search engines about the quality of a webpage. Backlink is a part of SEO and is also usually termed as Link building. 

Earlier, google algorithm used to search for the website that had maximum backlinks.

Back then, everyone was busy making backlinks on a huge number. When a website had more backlinks, it used to be on the top of the search engine. But with the coming of Google Penguin update, everything has changed.

It doesn’t mean that a website doesn’t require backlinks anymore. Of course they do.  A website still requires backlinks to increase the website traffic and improve the authority of a web page and its overall ranking. 


Suppose you have established a Blog based on Football and its related news, and you are generating backlinks from dog food, fashion, clothing websites, then there is no point in such backlinks. These links will not be beneficial.

You should  always build links from your niche or an authoritative site.

Importance of backlinks

Here’s why the quality of Backlinks is Important for your website-

  • It improves search engine ranking. 
  • Helps in fast indexing.
  • Builds relationships with other influencers, and bloggers.
  • Establishes web page authority

Hope this helps to understand how backlinks will help you rank better on google. When someone links back to your site, you will receive new referral traffic.

There are so many benefits of Backlinks, I personally, always prefer to perform SEO in a natural way of link building strategies. You should probably never opt for paid SEO and never take a backlink from a low DA website.


There are a number of free backlink checker tools online. With the help of these tools, you can find out your website backlinks  and where your backlinks are generated. You can also find more details of your website like your DA (Domain authority), PA (Page Authority), etc. 

It also helps you to check your competitors’ backlinks list where they are generated.

Importance of backlinks

Some tools for Backlinks that I personally prefer:-

  • Ubersuggest.
  • KwFinder link checker.
  • SEMRush

Backlinks are great for websites as they act as a vote of trust and confidence and prove extremely credible to other sources.